Share Accounts

A primary savings account establishes an individual's membership in the credit union. The minimum balance must be maintained in the primary account in order to maintain membership status. As long as this balance is maintained you can remain a member for life. The minimum opening balance is $10.00 which represents a member's share in the credit union.

Key Benefits

  • WMHS Payroll Deduction
  • Once a member, always a member!

Special Share Accounts

The Healthcare 1st Federal Credit Union will accept funds from groups of members for special purposes. The credit union will also accept funds for community organizations and associations of members, as long as one person signed on the account is an individual eligible for membership. Also the credit union will serve in the capacity of accepting memorial funds on behalf of the family the deceased members.

Death Benefits

All members should have a designated beneficiary when the account is opened. In the event of death, the funds will be distributed as follows:

  •  Joint Owner - Funds remaining in the account will go to the Joint Owner if one is listed on the account. If no Joint Owner is named, the funds will go to the beneficiary. If no beneficiary is listed, the funds will go to the Estate of the Member..