Share Certificates (CD)

Share Certificates allow members to save money by locking into higher dividend rates.  In fact, certificates offer our highest dividend rates!  All share certificates require a minimum deposit of $500.00 and the terms range from 6 - 36 months.

Key Benefits

  • $500.00 minimum deposit
  • Our best dividend rates
  • 6 month CDs have a one-time add-on deposit option.
  • Current and new 12, 24 and 36 month CDs have a one-time BUMP-UP option during certificate term, but no add-on deposits
  • Watch for limited time special CD promotions
  • 10 day grace period at maturity, then automatically rolls over into a new certificate at the current rate. Alternatively, the Member may choose to convert to a different term CD or transfer to another savings account, or withdraw the funds.

Note:  If any CD is withdrawn before the maturity date (unless within the 10 day grace period prior to or following maturity date) there is a penalty of 3 months of dividends.